Air Horn Geomar C-130 DB

Geomar C-130 DB


Geomar C-130 DB is an air horn ruggedly constructed to withstand the most severe sea environment using the best seawater, non-corrosive materials. It has a heating thermostatically controlled for navigation in polar areas.

Unilux Geomar

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Suitable for vessels with lengths between 20 and 75 meters

Design Features

Frequency and sound intensity:According to IMO 1972 regulations
Audible range:1 mile
Frequency:260 cps
Push button for electric remote operation and manual operation by means of a pull rope.
Wing push buttons optional
Best seawater, non-corrosive materials:Brass and stainless steel
Air horn:With working pressure between 7 and 40 Kg /cm2
Air consumption:10 l /sec
Diaphragm diameter:75 mm
Hose diameter:16 mm
Heating24V, 220V, 200W
Voltage:24V, 220V
Weight:15 kg
Signal controller:Audiotronic I / II (optional)


Spanish Maritime Directorate
Height220 mm
Audible range1 mile
Width370 mm
Lenght660 mm
Diameter284 mm
Vessels Lenght20 to 75 meters
Frequency and sound intensityAccording to IMO 1972 regulations
Frequency260 cps
OperationPush button for electric remote operation as well as manual operation integrated in a special control panel for console mounting. Wing push buttons optional.
Best seawater, non-corrosive materialsBrass and stainless steel
Type of hornWith working pressure between 7 and 40 Kg /cm2
Air consumption10 l /sec
Diaphragm diameter75 mm
Hose diameter16 mm
Voltage24V, 220V
Weight15 kg
Signal controllerAudiotronic I / II (optional)
Heating24V, 220V, 200W